Inheritance Tracing

Inheritance Tracing

Claim documentation

I specialize in tracing missing heirs and submitting the lost claims to the relevant solicitors.


Every year, people pass away without leaving a will, and sadly many of them have lost contact with their next of kin. At Genealogy and You, I conduct detailed research, in order to prepare and document estate claims on behalf of the potential beneficiaries. I also take up cases where other researchers were not able to find the heirs. I serve clients across Swansea.


If you have recently discovered that a relative has passed away and you believe that you may have been a beneficiary in their will, or should have received an inheritance under intestacy law, I can help you pursue your claim. Please call me today to discuss if you are in this situation.

Probate investigations

If you need help to locate a missing beneficiary, you can count on me. I will use a range of online tools and location/archive visits to trace family members that have lost contact with the deceased, ensuring that the estate can be distributed appropriately.


Intestacy, probate and missing heirs can lead to difficult and painful situations for the family of a person who has passed on. By ensuring all beneficiaries are located, and that all necessary research is undertaken carefully and presented properly, I believe I can help minimize any extra stress at a difficult time.


Reuniting clients with

their relatives

I’m a fully qualified genealogist with over 30 years’ experience in the field of research and can help you reunite with your living relatives.


If your family has branches that emigrated in previous generations, we can help to find them, bringing your family together. Using official records, local histories, archives and more, I have an excellent track record of finding living relatives, so why not call me today? You have nothing to lose, and potentially a family to find!


UK based


Phone: 0044 7305733850

Contact available 24 hours a day, reply within 24 hours.


Reports posted worldwide


Please make contact if you are not completely satisified and we will mke every effort to reslove things, this will not affect your statutory rights.

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